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Our services

  • Workspace

    Flexible plans from hot-desks all the way to your own private room or office.

  • Conference Rooms

    Real-time availability for all our meeting rooms. Request and manage bookings online.

  • Online member network

    Easily connect with other members of the community. Use the directories to find the right skills and promote your services.

  • Benefits and discounts

    All members enjoy discounted rates, credits and benefits as part of their membership.

  • Weekly events

    Connect and learn in our curated events and meet-ups.

Our plans

Our additional products and services

  • Products

    • Internet & Connectivity
      • Dedicated CIR Connection

        Price per MB - per month

      • Dedicated VLAN

        Dedicated VLAN for teams

      • Internet Package Express

        10 MB - Shared connection for coworking individuals and private teams

      • Internet Package- Gold

        30 MB shared connection for coworking & private office members

      • Internet Package- Silver

        20 MB shared connection for both coworking & private office members

      • IP Line Rent

        per phone line

      • IP Phone Cost

        per phone line

    • Internal Facilities
      • Dedicated Errand Boy

        per month

      • Locker & Storage Facility

        Price per Desk

      • Printing- Black & White

        per page

      • Printing -Colored

        per page

    • External Facilities
      • Dedicated Parking Slot

        per month

      • External Parking Spot

        per month

      • Rider Service for Teams pf 4+

        per month charges.

      • Rider Service for Teams upto 4

        per month charges.

    • Support Services
      • Payroll Management Service

        Per month

      • Courier & Mail Handling Services

        Mail Handling and Courier Service Add On

      • Meeting Space Bundle - Co-working

        Bundle Package for members to use Meeting Space Credit

      • Meeting Space Bundle - Enterprise/PO

        Bundle Package for teams to use Meeting Space Credit