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Our Services

  • Workspace

    Flexible plans from hot-desks all the way to your own private room or office.

  • Conference Rooms

    Real-time availability for all our meeting rooms. Request and manage bookings online.

  • Online member network

    Easily connect with other members of the community. Use the directories to find the right skills and promote your services.

  • Benefits and discounts

    All members enjoy discounted rates, credits and benefits as part of their membership.

  • Weekly events

    Connect and learn in our curated events and meet-ups.

Choose Your Membership

  • Meeting Room


    • Our Meeting Rooms for hire are designed to let you make the most of your interviews, presentations, research, workshops, small conferences... supported by our dedicated team.

      *Hourly rates applicable

  • Board Room


    • Our Board Rooms provide a professional location - ideal for discussing important decisions in privacy with no distractions. Free WIFI and refreshments included.

      *Hourly rates applicable

  • Conference Room


    • Our Conference Rooms for hire are designed to let you make the most of your group meetings, brainstorming sessions and work projects. Includes all facilities required to make your meeting efficient. 

      *Hourly rates applicable

  • Virtual Office


    • Monthly membership that provides you and your company with a real, credible postal address in a prime location, accompanied with on demand meeting room access, 5 days of complimentary day pass in our co working and optional mail handling service.

  • Night Owl


    • Our Night Desks are available for monthly or daily rentals. These desks are placed in shared and open areas and can be used on a first-come-first-serve basis. This membership comes with access to our one meeting room along with tea/coffee.

  • Hot Desk


    • Monthly membership for an unassigned desk in a shared workspace for you to use whenever you need a place to work! Includes access to all office essentials, on-demand meeting rooms, and printing services along with all our community events.

  • Hot Desk Plus


    • Monthly membership for an allocated desk in the co-working area with 5 meeting room hours allotted.  The Hot Desk+ is perfect for startups and small teams who want to sit together, function as a team and also need a private space for meetings.

  • Dedicated Desk


    • Rent a specific desk of your own choosing on a monthly basis and get all the perks of full time-access to COLABS. Includes a permanent workstation at your selected location, a storage locker, complimentary printing and meeting rooms hours and much more!

  • Private Office


    • Starting from Rs. 87,500/- per month
      Our fully serviced private offices are designed to fit your and come with all inclusive premium office services which include complimentary printing, access to meeting, conference, board rooms, mail handing services, as well as access to our community events. Rent out an office of your choosing depending upon your team size.

Our Additional Products

  • Courier & Mail Handling Services

    Mail Handling and Courier Service Add On

    FREE Get it now
  • Meeting Space Bundle - Co-working

    Bundle Package for members to use Meeting Space Credit

    Rs5000 Get it now
  • Meeting Space Bundle - Enterprise/PO

    Bundle Package for teams to use Meeting Space Credit

    Rs15000 Get it now
  • Dedicated CIR Connection

    Price per MB - per month

    Rs2500 Get it now
  • Dedicated VLAN

    Dedicated VLAN for teams

    Rs5000 Get it now
  • Internet Package Express

    10 MB - Shared connection for coworking individuals and private teams

    Rs2500 Get it now
  • Internet Package- Gold

    30 MB shared connection for coworking & private office members

    Rs5000 Get it now
  • Internet Package- Silver

    20 MB shared connection for both coworking & private office members

    Rs3500 Get it now
  • IP Line Rent

    per phone line

    Rs1160 Get it now
  • IP Phone Cost

    per phone line

    Rs2320 Get it now

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